Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure

Tonight we attended a local crisis pregnancy center banquet.  It was such a great blessing to us.  We were so honored to be apart of such a wonderful evening.  I can't give enough thanks to all of the servants who pour their hearts into women/men in crisis in our town and all around the country.  Even though we live in a smaller town the impact of this ministry is SO big!

We saw another beautiful rainbow tonight, a precious reminder of how blessed we are to be loved by our God!  A God who keeps His promises now, but also for eternity.  He has saved us from SO much and to Him I am eternally grateful.  I hear that we were also under a tornado warning this afternoon and we had no idea.  There is not a local news/weather station in our neck...ha! I never thought I would say that. :)  Growing up my dad would say "I recon", and I would get so mad at him for talking so weird.  Well I have officially joined the ranks of weird talk. I am totally not making fun in any way of anyone who says these's just not what I have been used to.  Okay back to the tornado warning.  We have had a couple since we moved.  One night during church a tornado came up and did some damage to a gentleman in the church's farm.  Without having a weather station it makes me a little uneasy when storms come up.

I thought this picture was so funny.  Breanna learned how to clap today.  Every time she would clap she would laugh like crazy and then clap again.  When I tried to take a picture of her laughing this is what I got...and then of course when you try to take a picture they stop doing whatever it was they were doing.  Have you ever had that happen?

Poor Lexi has awful allergy problems in the spring.   Her eyes will be red until spring is over.  :(

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.  I look forward to a wonderful Sunday of worshipping our Savior.  Goodnight!


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  1. Valerie,
    It was such a privilege to introduce you and Pastor to our larger Christian community on Saturday evening. In a day filled with storms of various types, the Lord prevailed and the banquet was a wonderful event. I so enjoy reading your blogs and just talking with you. You are a blessing to me, as you are to all of us at MCRBC.