Friday, April 15, 2011

So Happy To Announce

I am so thrilled to announce that I have started a new blog!  I will continue blogging about our family, but I didn't want the blog to be all about us.   I want this to be an encouragement to women on a deeper level.  This new blog will feature posts from many different women.  Each will share on different topics. 
This new blog will feature;
  • A Blog Page - This will weed out everything but the blog entries of our life.
  • A Bible study page - this will be my personal study put into blog form.
  • Creative Encouragement - fun activities that will encourage others.
  • Giveaways - just for fun and Spiritual growth.
  • A Home Life page - that will have tips, recipes, and topics for all women (younger, older, married, and single)
  • A Missions Page called "One A Day"
  • A Prayer Wall - this will have urgent requests from readers, praises, and testimonies from ladies who have seen God do amazing things in their lives.
  • A Resource Page - this will have Christian book reviews, event ideas, women's ministry ideas, ice breakers, object lessons,  women's tracts, blog help and so much more.
  • A Podcast page where you will hopefully be able to hear Pastor Mark's sermons, and hopefully expand to more things in the future.
Each week we will have a new post for each topic.  I hope this will be a fun resource for women and moms.  Please email me at if you have anything you would like to could be anything from recipes, to a testimony, prayer requests, craft, home tip, etc...
The new website is easy to find at

I look forward to walking in faith together.

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  1. Am enjoying your blog :) Come see us when you're in the area sometime. You all could spend the night :) You could teach me some of your cvs ways!