Saturday, April 2, 2011

Simulcast Event

This weekend the ladies of our church went to Priscilla Shirer's "Going Beyond" simulcast.  We had an awesome time.  The fellowship was wonderful, the setting was so worshipful, and the Lord really worked in our midst.   The simulcast was such a God centered and God honoring time!  We had three different sessions that focused on life being interrupted.

I took many truths away from the conference that I might share at a later time, but here are a few quotes from Priscilla that I thought were good;

"He might not be keeping you from something, but for something." 

"Most of the time we let our opinion direct us not God's Word."
"Spending time with the Lord is never useless."  (She mentioned that even when we only have 5 minutes satan will tell us that its not enough so we shouldn't even try.)
"God speaks not to be heard but obeyed."

Talking of Jonah... "Storms stop and start at God's bidding.  Revivals stop and start at God's bidding. Fish, worms, and the sun all do what God bids...but there is one person in the story of Jonah that doesn't do what the Lord asked, and he is the only believer in the story"
"We must not think that just because something is hard it is not from God.  It could be that He is purposely steering our path in another direction."

I hope that it was as much of an encouragement for everyone as it was for me.   I love leaving a conference closer to the Lord than before I came.  There are some Christian conferences that are filled with so much fluff but little of the Word (the main thing).   I was also encouraged by such a HUGE emphasis on prayer.  Prayer is such a MIGHTY tool in changing lives.  I know the Lord is going to do some mighty things through the amazing prayer times we had at the conference.

*Excuse the picture quality.  I forgot my camera and had to use my phone!
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