Thursday, April 21, 2011


The last few days have been so much fun for us as we prepare to celebrate Easter.  We have done so many fun activities that we really enjoyed together.

The kids have had Easter egg hunts, parties at school, lots of snacks and goodies, friends over to play...

made crafts, got progress reports, and I am sure there is more that I am missing :)...

But one of my favorite parts of this whole week has been our focus on prayer and fasting.   Through self-denial we can learn a lot about who we are as a person.  I have learned this week that there are things that I esteemed more than the Lord.  There are areas I wouldn't let Him go in my life before that are now open to change.   I feel a fresh wind of the Spirit moving more freely through my life and I am excited.  I now long for change...change isn't bad!  Aren't there times in life we don't want things to change so we automatically think God doesn't want this change just so we can keep things the way they are?  I never thought I had a problem with change until I was confronted by the Holy Spirit about an area I didn't want changed.  All this time I had been convincing myself that it wasn't wrong so I was fine, but in reality it took a seat above God.  When we desire to stay where we are rather than go with God sin has taken root in our lives...although we may not see it as sin.  Change can be hard and require some difficult life adjustments, but the freedom we have in obedience out weighs the difficulty.   May we see change in a good way...IF we see God's hand guiding us to change.

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