Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I asked a couple ladies that went to the "Going Beyond" event with me to share a testimony of how the Lord worked in their life.  I think hearing  testimonies of godly ladies is a very encouraging part of the Christian life.   I LOVE hearing what God is doing in the lives of other Christians.  These ladies are such a blessing and encouragement to me...

"As believers in Christ, we are never hopeless! Circumstances that seem hopeless become hopeful because of the Holy Spirit living in us. So we walk in the authority of God's Word .  The enemy can distract you from God's Word but he cannot destroy you!  What sweet blessings we shared with our own ladies and the ladies of Rileyville Baptist this past weekend.  I think I enjoyed the times of prayer the most maybe because we have been putting such an emphasis on prayer in our own church.  Learning to live in the mode of prayer and making it a lifestyle instead of just an event.  I am already excited about the next conference and hope to see twice as many ladies attend!  One more thought I have loved pondering over: God never convicts you to condemn you but conviction is always connected to grace!  God's precious grace is there for all!"  Judy G.

"For me, the prayer time on Saturday was the highlight. Those standing that had been brought through trials in their lives, testifying to others who were still in the midst of their trials...then finding each other to pray together...It was powerful and beautiful."  Carolyn

If you have a testimony of how the Lord is working in your life I would love to hear about it.

Have you ever been in a service where the Lord was clearly speaking to you about something that had nothing to do with the message?  This happened to me this week at the conference and was reaffirmed during church on Sunday.  Both services were very powerful and the Lord spoke in a mighty way through His Word, but I took away application that had nothing to do with the messages.    The Lord showed me that I needed quality time with my children...not necessarily time in quantity.  I have noticed in the small amount of time that I have been a mom that it is easy to spend all day with your children but not necessarily spend time with them...if that makes sense.  I felt an overwhelming impression from the Lord that I needed to take 30 minutes out of my day for each of my children.  They needed some one on one mom time.  This might sound like a lot, but it hasn't been bad at all.  I adjusted time to fit each child best.  Garrett is a morning person so I have set up a 30 minute time frame in the morning before Lexi and Breanna are up.  Lexi does best in the afternoon...after she has a snack. :)  It has been such a wonderful time for us.   Priscilla Shirer said that you need to plan and pin what the Lord tells you to do.  For instance, plan out what you know you should do then pin a date to accomplish the plan.  I thought this was a good idea because so many times I will make a plan, but forget.  Pinning a date on a plan is a great way to make sure the plan is accomplished (obedience).

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  1. hi valerie, i have only spoken to you briefly on wed night. i have not attended the womens bible study but i would like to attend this wed. i have a testimony but it is very lenghty. i know that pastor mark wants to get together with bruce and i and i would love to talk to you about what God has done in our lives.