Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Giveaway

I am so excited to announce that I will be occasionally giving away some fun gifts.  Each Giveaway winner will be randomly selected out of the comments I receive.  For this first giveaway I will be making a custom Scripture blog button.  If you have a blog or know of someone who does please post a comment including you email address for a chance to get this button.   On my home page you will see a couple I have done to give you an idea of what it may or could look like.

Please post comment by April 25th to be entered into the giveaway!  Thanks so much.



  1. Oooh, those are pretty! I'm in! (I'd put it up at

    Amy // amyismyfriend at aol dot com

  2. I'm in too! The new site looks great Valerie - what great potential you have here for encouraging others :)

    I've been praying for you guys as you've settled into your new home!

    p.s. my email is renfarmer at yahoo

  3. Thanks Renee. I am so excited to offer this to our church women as a way to get to know us better and a resource for growth! I hope you have an awesome week.