Friday, March 4, 2011

Yay it's Friday!

Like I said Breanna is turning into a ham.  She is starting to wave (her wave is shaking her closed fist) and say baba, but I don't think she has a clue what she is doing or what it means.  Here she raised her hand to me, but just wanted to be picked up.  It is funny to watch a baby learn new things. While Breanna is waving she watches her hand to see whats going on.

 Garrett's new teacher celebrated her birthday this week.  So we surprised her with cupcakes, chocolate pie, and a birthday hat.  She is such a wonderful teacher and has such a heart for her students.  Thank you Mrs. D for serving our children!!

Breanna tried feeding herself tonight for the first time.  I would hand her the spoon and she basically made a mess everywhere while trying to get it in her mouth.  I am not OCD about many things, but I do not like baby food or sticky stuff everywhere. So Breanna immediately took a bath.

I tried getting pictures of Garrett and Lexi, but they didn't turn out so we will try again this weekend. 

I love when children take concept they have learned and put it into action without any pressure.  This way you know the action is truly from the heart.  Tonight the kids watched the movie "Letter's to God".  After the movie was over both of the kids disappeared into their bedroom and started a project.  After a while Garrett and Lexi came out with their own letters to God.  It thrilled my heart to see them write personal letters to our Savior. 

Garrett's letter read;
"dear Lord, you now how things are going on right now.  I hope the walls are doing good. (friends in Roanoke) Please Lord help them to come on spring brake.  Please Lord help ----- if he's not saved please help him to be saved. That L. would get better. for L. and B."

(I purposely left out some names.)

Lexi's letter had "God Lexi God." on the front with puppy dog stamps.  Inside she drew some people praying and dancing. 

"Letter's to God" is a sad movie, but it was so rewarding to see the positive response from our children.  I wish all movies could have such encouraging positive messages.

We are so encouraged to see the Lord work in a mighty way around us.  This week has definitely had some trying times, but the Lord has gone before us in every way.  We can see that He does work ALL things out for His good and His glory.  Praise the Lord for turning hearts to Himself. 

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  1. SO happy to see some peeks of those faces :) And to "hear" you blogging again :) So excited about all God is doing in and thru you... He is SO GOOD. And the Spring break thing melted me... gonna have to get to work on that.. ... ... :) Love you guys SO MUCH!!!