Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Kind of Face is That?

She cracks me up! 
I think I mentioned that she is not a baby of much personality. 
Most of the time the only emotion she shows is crying.
Today while I was out and about grocery shopping she had every one's attention.  She was laughing, waving, making silly faces, and being a ham.  I don't know what hit, but it sure has been entertaining.

   In my personal prayer study that I have been going through I wound up in 1 Samuel studying the prayers of Hannah.  Hannah's story has really caught my attention and I have been so enraptured by her prayer life.  It shows so much virtue and love for the Lord.

I love the whole (true) story of how she prayed for a son and the Lord answered by giving her the son she longed to have.  I love how she poured out her heart to the Lord and didn't want to be mistaken for an evil woman.  I am perplexed at how she prayed a prayer of if You do this...I will do this.  But the thing that I love and gripped my heart in this study of Hannah's life is that she was able to praise the Lord while going through (probably...my opinion...but any mom might agree) one of the most trying circumstances of her life. 

 1 Samuel 1:28 says, "So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD.”  The next verse 1 Samuel 2:1 starts with Hannah's prayer of praise. It is amazing to me how Hannah can pray such a prayer of praise in 2 Samuel 2:1-10 as she is dropping off her child forever.   She truly meant what she prayed when she asked the Lord for a child.  She must have been a great woman of virtue to surrender her child to leave the home and enter the Lord’s work at such a young age.  

We really see Hannah's heart as she is going through this trial.  It is truly a heart of praise.  A heart that trusts the Lord with her child.  A situation that would bear many tears (at least if it was me)!  One day I would love to see my children grow up AND THEN leave to go into the Lord's work doing whatever it is He calls them to do!  To think of a child just being weaned going into the Lord's work.   It sounds like a wonderful thing to do (in her shoes :) ), but as a mom it sounds so painful as well. ( I will add that we can pray for God to use our children in a mighty way while they are young, but in our situation it wouldn't require them to be away from the home.) 

 Her prayer praises God for He is in control of all things.  He is the Author and Sustainer of life.  I love her heart of praise to the Lord.  She obviously knew the One whom she was giving her child to.  She had complete trust and confidence in our God knowing that He was her strength.
 He chose Samuel for such a time and this dear woman to be his mom.  What a privilege.  What she couldn’t see in full God was orchestrating a grand picture for all ages to see.  Because of a woman’s sacrifice God used that sacrifice in an amazing way! 

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