Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not a Boy Today!

Breanna gets mistaken for a boy all the time.  Every time we are out and about she gets called a boy.  Honestly she gets called a boy more often than a girl...poor thing. :)
I usually go along with it and most of the time don't mind, but the other day a sweet lady in the store wanted the name of our sweet little boy. When she realized that it wasn't a boy but a girl she was a little embarrassed.  I told her it happened all the time and she shouldn't feel bad at all.   The saddest thing of all was I told the lady that her(Breanna's) name was Alexis.  :)  I didn't correct myself because then she would be utterly confused so I stuck with it.  ( Alexis is my older daughter's name). 
I think we were all confused by the time the conversation was over.  Haha!!

So today before we went out I put her in this hat and bow.
  It really worked!  No one thought she was a boy today.
I should do this more often. 

She is now learning how to play peek-a-boo. 
It is a lot of fun to see all of our children learning new things.

Lexi is learning how to read and write...
which has been a little trying for all of us but she's doing great.

Garrett is learning how to write in cursive.
I am learning a little bit of graphic design.
But...Mark already knows everything.  Just kidding!

The more we grow up the more we realize how little we know. 




Here is a small glimpse into our mornings.  They aren't always pretty and can be exhausting.
This morning Lexi left with her arms folded and a pouty face. 
She told us she wanted to stay in bed but couldn't because she wasn't an adult and couldn't do whatever she wanted.  Somehow in her mind she feels adults can do whatever they want, and that they have no responsibility.  So we are working through some things with her.  Hopefully mornings will be a little better from now on. 

Garrett is a morning person and loves to act silly in the morning. 

Breanna is a handful in the bath these days.  Tonight she tried crawling, swimming, sticking her face in the water, splashing everywhere, and taking Lexi's toys.  I couldn't let go for fear she would get hurt.  She didn't like that at all and would just scream.  Fun.  Fun.

Two girls = Twice the drama

On another note...It has been so exciting to hear God answering so many requests around the church.  It seams everyone we talk to has a story of answered prayer.   
It is such an exciting time for us and our church!

Tomorrow night the ladies in the church are going to a Priscilla Shirer simulcast event.  I am thrilled to be apart of this group and can't wait to grow closer to all the ladies in the church and our Lord together!

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