Monday, March 28, 2011

Breanna at 10 Months

You might think that she is showing off her hat...


It looks to me like she was trying to get it off. :)  I couldn't get a good picture because her hand was in the way or she was moving too much.  I guess that happens with 10 month olds.

Breanna at 10 months

~is working on her 8 tooth
~ is eating small finger foods and loves to feed herself
~she can be quite stubborn and only wants to eat exactly what you are eating
~she doesn't like juice and only will drink formula
~refuses to drink out of anything other than a bottle
~still loves her blanket
~still gets up most nights at least once
~is still very fussy and likes to be held or going somewhere
~likes a new toy for only 5 minutes
~still isn't crawling, but is getting closer
~loves carrots, peas, grapes, cheerios, puffs, and all bread
~doesn't like baby food
~ takes two naps a day...yay!
~loves bath time
~loves her siblings and play dates
~and loves the baby swings at the park

She is a great joy and blessing to our lives, and is getting more and more fun the older she gets.   She is smiling more this week and showing more positive response.  We couldn't imagine our lives without her and love her so much. 

My silly crew!! Gotta love them.

This week was a great week at the store. 
 I was able to get all of this for only $25.00. 
 If I paid retail it would be around $100.  

I hope everyone has a great week!! 
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  1. I love the pictures of Breanna! The third one of her is just precious- love her eyes!

    Miss you guys!!

  2. Love the pics!! Do your baby pictures look just like Breanna's?

  3. Thanks gals! Carolyn, Breanna does look alot like me when I was little.