Thursday, March 3, 2011

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I apologize to all our family and friends for the long silence in my blogging.   There really hasn't been a good excuse, so I will now resume the blog and hopefully keep everyone posted on how we are doing often.  I am grateful to say that we have settled into our home and are now all free of sickness. 

We are enjoying our new home very much.  The church did so much prior to our arrival to make it very nice and comfortable for us.  There are so many beautiful mountains in our back yard.  It is such a great reminder of God's greatness and beauty every time we walk out the door.  

The kids are adjusting very well.  At first it was a little tough for Garrett, but he is doing very well now. He is making some new friends and loves being in 2nd grade.   Lexi adjusted faster than we ever expected. She loves her class, but doesn't like having homework now. :)  Breanna...well she is turning into a ham.  She has adjusted quickly and is pure rotten.  She is still a very needy baby, and can be a stubborn little thing.  Breanna turned 9 months 3 days ago.  She is taking her precious time reaching some milestones, but I am not worried she will catch on soon. She loves her blanket and will only be comforted with a certain kind.  When we give her the blanket she just laughs and puts her head in it.

I just put a couple pictures in of the kids before we left Roanoke.  I didn't want to have a post without pictures of some sort. 

Mt. Carmel had an installation service for us on the 20th of February.  It was one of the neatest services I have ever been apart of.  Mark and I are so excited to be serving at Mt. Carmel and have quickly fallen in love with the people of our church and our community.  We are seeing God work in amazing ways.  It is so thrilling yet humbling to see God work in and around us.  I pray that we will always be willing vessels mold-able for His work and glory!

Tomorrow I plan on posting pictures of the house and updated pictures of the kids!  Until then goodnight!
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