Wednesday, April 8, 2015

8 Printable Verse Cards on Wisdom

There is no doubt...I need wisdom in my life.  We make so many decisions on a daily basis it starts rattling the brain.  Some decisions are easy while others are very hard and alter the course of life. No matter the decision you are making at this moment one thing is for sure, God gives wisdom generously.  James 1:5 says all we have to do is ask.  

Proverbs is a great place to find God's wisdom.  God used King Solomon to pen wise sayings that were not only applicable at that time but also today.   

Our ladies Bible study group is continuing in the study of "The Best Yes" book.  Today I have created verse cards that can be used as we learn to make wise decisions.  When seeking to make right decisions it is imperative that we are in the Word daily.  The Bible directs our hearts and minds, which then helps us to stay on the right path.  

The Word alone is a lamp for our path.  There is no other resource on earth that can be a substitute for this lamp.  

If you want direction today pick up the lamp and let it guide you to the path that God has for you! The cool thing is that while each path leads to the same place our paths will look very different.  God has a specific adventure for each of us.  Where is your path leading?   You won't know until you pick up and use your lamp!

I hope you enjoy these!  



  1. I found this page via Pinterest! Very nice printables! Are you still blogging?

  2. Do you still have this available for download? And I'd love to hear more about that book. Looking for something for our women's bible study.