Saturday, March 12, 2011

30 Day Weekend

30 days is how long I feel this weekend has lasted.  Just kidding!  Yesterday we headed to Roanoke to get Isaiah and catch up with family.  We left in the morning and returned very tired last night.  Breanna cried/screamed for at least 45 minutes of the drive home.  It made for a long trip. 

Today we headed to Winchester for the first time and enjoyed our little outing.  We went to the Discovery museum which was...okay.  We were thinking bigger than reality.  The kids loved it, but the rest of us wondered how the kids could like it so much.  It was a fun one time experience though.   

After the Discovery Museum we walked around the historic part of Winchester.  We stopped and got Ice Cream from a little mom and pop shop, and it was pretty good. 

We also checked out the Gabriel Brothers and Aldis.  Since I started couponing I have been checking out discount grocery stores to see if I can find other good deals.  If you ever go to Aldis make sure you have a quarter.  To get a grocery cart you have to deposit a quarter.  I was not prepared and did not have a quarter so a nice gentleman gave me a quarter to get a cart.  Come to find out I didn't need a cart after all because I didn't buy anything.  For me Aldis prices are not any better than I can get on sale at any other store.  One of the neatest stores I have found so far is Sharp Shoppers.  They have some of the best deals and you do not have to use coupons.  Well there is my spill on discount grocery stores. :)  Probably way more than you wanted to know!

I have been working my way through Genesis in my personal study and it is taking a long time.  I started a couple months ago and have only reached chapter 25, but it is so neat to see how this weeks lesson has applied to the prayer study I have started.  The first aspect the Lord has shown me on my journey is praying specifically.  So many times in life we pray general prayers.  We might not get specific because God might not answer the way we want and we will feel let down.  Sometimes I don't pray specifically because I doubt that its not the Lord's will.  We can hide behind many reasons not to pray specifically and then never see God work in specific ways just because we failed to ask.  In Genesis 24 we see Abraham's servant go out to find a wife for Isaac.  In this passage he prays a very specific prayer, and we see God answer this request in specific abundance.   In this chapter (24 of Genesis) the first thing that is specific is God's timing.  Genesis 24:15 says that before he was finished praying God was already answering his specific request.  I love that!!  I love the fact that not only was it before he was done praying, but that God's timing no matter when is perfect!  The second thing that is specific is the answer to the request.  God answered his request exactly as he prayed it.   He not only prayed specifically, but then watched in expectation to see the Lord's answer.  I know I am guilty of praying and not waiting in expectation.   I love how the Lord brought me to this passage at this specific time right when I started studying the topic of prayer.  I don't think it is an accident at all!  I am now waiting in expectation for what the Lord is going to do in my own life!
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  1. Thank you for that encouragement. I don't pray specifically nearly enough. Love and miss you!

  2. As I read your thoughts, I got a deeper glimpse into the heart of my Pastor's wife. And a challenge about my own need for more specific praying. Thank you, Valerie.