Monday, January 3, 2011


I love Christmas and the wonderful meaning it brings to our everyday life, but I am sure glad the season has ended and we can move on to a somewhat normal pace. Although, I don't think things will be fully normal for a while.  :)   I wanted to stop and share a few highlights of our Christmas.

Christmas Miracles:
This past year with the birth of Breanna we had been set back a little financially and had not been able to fulfill some of our faith promise as of a week ago.  We had prayed that the Lord would provide the remaining amount and was waiting for Him to provide that which we did not have.  We knew that He was more than able and would provide, but did not know how.  Last Wednesday night the 29th the kids had gone to our in-church Christmas mail box and brought back all of our Christmas cards and started opening them.  Garrett opened one and cash went flying. He started yelling out money amounts for all the world to hear. So I told him that I should probably open the cards for now.  After we got composed :) I looked down to see that it was almost the same amount that we needed to finish our faith promise goal.  I was so excited!  The Lord's timing is always perfect.  What a wonderful way to end 2010.   Praise the Lord for His way is SO perfect.

Isaiah is heading out on a mission's trip this summer and needs to raise $1,000.  All he asked for from everyone for Christmas was money.  He didn't ask for any else.  The Lord in His mighty provision saw fit to give Isaiah over $850 of his trip money before the new year. This money came as Christmas presents and from some anonymous gifts as well.  We are so thankful and praising the Lord for His provisions for His children.

We had such a wonderful Christmas sharing it with the ones that we love celebrating the true love of Christmas.

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