Monday, November 1, 2010

Breanna at 5 Months

I didn't get very many good pictures of Breanna on her 5 month birthday.  More should follow soon.

Breanna, at 5 months you have become such a joy.  You no longer cry for extended amounts of time. We can actually go to a restaurant without getting up and leaving!!  You can fall asleep by yourself with a pacifier and blanket.  Yay!!  You have started laughing and smiling a lot!  You are such a great blessing and we couldn't imagine life without you.

Play and throw all of your toys off of you highchair.  We are constantly picking them up for you. :)
Have tried cereal with a little bit of applesauce in it.
Are waking up 2 to 3 times a night.
Love your brother and sister playing with you.
Laugh the most at Garrett. 
Like riding in the car now.  Hallelujah!
Love music.
Have started spitting. 
Don't like being on your tummy.

I know soon you will be crawling all over the house, but for now we are enjoying this very contained stage. :)

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