Monday, October 18, 2010

Lexi's Baptism Celebration

We were so happy to share this awesome day with Lexi.  She received Christ as her Savior a couple of weeks ago, and immediately wanted to be baptized.  We called it her Baptism Celebration.  Our whole family was able to attend and it meant so much to us that everyone was here for her special day!  We have such a supportive family!

Lexi was so excited that she was literally bouncing off the walls and floors.  She could not stand still. 
We did have robing problems.  There were not enough so Lexi had to share her robe, but didn't get it until after it was used.   We did happen to get a picture before she had to pass off her robe.

Pastor Robert was sharing in Lexi's excitement.  He gave her great words of encouragement.

Mamaw and Papaw

Daddy and Lexi. 
 It was so special that Mark has been able to baptize Garrett and Lexi.  I hope that I will never forget these special moments.  

Oma and Papaw with the robe less Lexi.  She had to pass off her robe to her friend so he could be baptized first.

Aunt N. and Lexi

Uncle J., GG, and Cousin T.

We love and thank our family so much for the wonderful impact they have had on our children.  We are so blessed by each of your roles in Lexi's life. 

Mr.S. and Mrs. K. with Lexi.  This is our adopted family.  Growing up I always had special adopted family members from our church.  These were people that helped me grow in my walk with the Lord.  Life wouldn't have been the same without these influences in my life!  Mr.S, and Mrs. K. have helped us greatly in our walk with Christ and have influenced our lives in such a huge way! 

Mark was giving Lexi a pep talk.

Lexi we are so proud of you and the wonderful decision you have made!  We pray that you will never stop doing exactly what the Lord wants you to do.  We want only God's best for your life.  Please never settle in life for something other than God and His will.

For lunch we had the whole family over for a Mexican buffet.  It was such a great meal and wonderful fellowship with both sides of our family.   We presented both Garrett and Lexi with new devotional Bibles. It was such a special day.  The Lord has done a wonderful work in our lives!

Let's not forget the happier Breanna!  Yay for formula.  She did fuss just a little bit, but I am fine with little bits.
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