Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Sunday!

We had a wonderful relaxing and beautiful weekend.  Tomorrow the kids have the day off so it is an added bonus.  We had a wonderful day of fellowship and worship.  We love our church family SO much! 

Next month is Missions Conference so the kids are learning about and preparing for missions in their classes.  Today Garrett came home and said that he wanted to be a coach for an unholy football team so that he could teach them about the Lord, and pass out Bibles to the players.  He has been talking about being a coach for sometime now,  but today thought how he could be a missionary at the same time. 

Lexi is growing so much.  She is really participating in our family devotional and prayer times now.  Before she was saved she would be such a distraction, and didn't seem to listen.  It is so fun to see the change in her life. 
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