Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great News!!

We are so excited to announce...

and rejoicing with... she received Christ as her Savior tonight.

I have posted a couple times that she has been more sensitive to the Lord in recent days.  We are so thrilled that she has made this decision.  She was so excited that she wanted to tell everyone...even our unsaved neighbors at 9:00pm.  We told her we would wait until at least morning time.  She also wanted to call all of our family, and buy post cards to mail to everyone.  I LOVE the new faith of a child. 

She immediately wanted to read her Bible more, and get baptized.  We are SO thankful to our immediate, and church family for the great impact you are to our children.  The Lord works through so many ways and parents are just one of those ways.  Our children are so blessed to have such wonderful godly influences in their lives...Thank You!!

This was Lexi doing a little dance.  She was so excited about her decision.  I hope in years to come she will look back on this day and remember what the Lord did in her life.  I also hope her excitement for the Lord never fades, and that she will be a great light to all around her. 

This evening Garrett was playing with Breanna and Bible dog...can you guess where he got the idea for his dog name?  =)

He has a way with her and loves making her smile. 

Tonight was the start of Missions month in Sparks.  All the Sparky's dress up in clothing representing different countries.  Garrett's outfit is from Africa.  Aunt M. went to Africa on a missions nursing trip and brought it back for Garrett.  Lexi's outfit is from Thailand.  Mark went on a missions trip to Thailand and brought it back for her.

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  1. Awww! That's wonderful news, yay Lexi!

  2. Happy, happy Birthday, sweet Lexi! :)

  3. ...and Valerie, we STILL celebrate my girls' spiritual birthdays each year, precious times... I'm so very happy for you all!