Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going Through Trials With Joy...or at Least Trying

This week has been one of the most trying weeks since last fall.  Last fall was such a hard time for me personally (well our whole family) with me being so sick.  There were so many days of utter sickness that I felt a little depressed...which is not anywhere near my personality.   I am SO thankful to be out of that time of life!!  Now we are presented with different circumstances that can be just as trying, but in other ways.  This week has presented many sleepless nights, which I have decided is okay if only the baby were happy during the day.  Right now it seems that nothing will make her happy for any length of time. 
It has gotten bad enough that people everywhere I go ask if I keep pinching my child.  I know they are joking so I just smile and go on.  All of this to say that our week has been very trying. 
The most encouraging thing to me in all of this is knowing that my circumstances do not have to dictate my attitude.  Sure it can be really hard at times, but having joy through these times makes life SO much more bearable.  Seeing the Lord through these circumstances make it worth every moment.  Today I saw Him in a neat way through my trying day...

Today the Lord answered a HUGE request in my mind, but to Him SO small.  I went to find a stand up bouncy gym for Breanna so I naturally started with Once Upon a Child.  They had a neat one that I purchased, but not the one I wanted since they didn't have it...of course.  I took it home and had Breanna try it out, but she didn't fit so we took it back.  We went to 4 different stores looking for one that was under $50, but none of them sell that kind.  I picked up the kids from school all the while praying that the Lord would help me find one at a very reasonable price.  I decided to head back to Once Upon a Child to look one more time at another one I had seen.  So we entered the store and I found the one I went in to see, but decided it was not the one for us.  As I turned around I saw the ONE!  It was just like the one at church that Breanna loves.  It's the one that I told the Lord I really wanted...and it was only $35.  These same ones sell anywhere from $85 to $129.  I had been in Once Upon a Child 3 times and it was not there the times before.  As I was purchasing the bouncy I asked the girl when it arrived and she said right before I came in.  God truly answered my prayer today and showed me that He is completely in control of my circumstances. 

So here is the wonderful new (to us) bouncy that Breanna LOVES, and can sit in it quietly for at least 10 minutes.

Not happy!


Not happy!



I cannot tell you how excited I am that my children can now help out with household chores.  When I realized that they could start doing these things I did the happy dance.  Right now all they do is switch the laundry, clean their rooms, take the dogs out, and sometimes sweep...but it is a very nice start. 

Michael's has become the kid's favorite store.  They love going to the dollar section to pick out a neat craft. 

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  1. You're an amazing example and I love you very much!! Your happy/not happy pictures made me laugh :) God has awesome things in store. Love you so much!

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry!!! We're having a trying week here too, but not as bad as yours! I hope that baby girl starts to be happy soon. If not, come on over, and we'll sit them both in a crib, shut the door, and drink coffee in the other room. HAHA. :) Thinking of you and praying for you!