Saturday, October 23, 2010

An endless week

Monday morning Garrett had a field trip to Layman Farms.  He was so excited!!  I too was excited that I was going to get a lot done before lunch until...  Garrett came to me and said, "Mom please please please come on my field trip with me."  I really was hoping to get some stuff done so downplayed it a lot.  Well, he went on about how I don't come on any of his trips, but all the other moms do.  So I changed some things around and headed on the field trip with him.  I didn't stay the whole time, but enough to say I went. 

They had an awesome time.  Layman has so much stuff to offer the kids.  

The farm had barrel cow rides, a mine slide, mazes, a bouncing area, live animals to feed, a corn crib, horse tire swings, pumpkin and corn shooters, hayrides, and more.   It has grown so much in the past few years, and so has the price.  If you did everything they had to offer it could cost almost $15 a person for a family.  They only charged the kids $6.50 for everything which was a great deal.

It was so funny seeing the kids react to Breanna.  They liked playing with her until she started crying.  Little E.  did not like her crying at all and had to inform me every time that she cried that she was in fact crying and that I needed to do something.  I thought it was so cute.  Good thing she hasn't been around our house for the last few months she might have gone insane. :)

Well Monday night was a new adventure for me.  An adventure I have never experienced before and hope never to experience again.  I had been a sleep for about an hour when I woke suddenly with GREAT pain.  I thought something had ruptured.  I immediately got up and fell to the floor and grabbed a pillow holding it against my stomach.  Mark woke at the noise and thought I was changing Breanna's diaper.  He soon realized that I wasn't and got up to help.  I then got sick and asked him to take me to the hospital. 

We headed out for the hospital and waited in the E.R. for 1 hour before being called back.  While the nurse was questioning me the pain subsided and I was totally fine. After the pain went away I knew it had to have been gallstones.   I really just wanted to head back home. It was after 1:00am and we still had a chance to get a good night sleep.  We stayed. 

We got back to the triage and waited for a nurse she didn't come until if I were a critical patient I would have died.  We didn't see a doctor until 4:30am.  Everyone seemed to be really friendly and good at what they do so I can't complain about that.   After ruling out several things the doctor said that it looked like I had gallstones and that I should stay away from all fried and greasy foods.  

We got home just in time to see the kids off to school.  The baby took a 2 hour nap so we were able to nap while she napped which was a great blessing.  

Now on with life without greasy foods. 

B.T.  (before tooth)

A.T.  (after tooth)
Garrett lost his 3 tooth on Thursday.

Friday night we had Wii tournament night at Mamaw and Papaws.

Lexi has been having a very difficult week.  I really think that she is going through spiritual warfare since she has had such great spiritual victories in the last few weeks.  I thought it was time to have another mommy daughter date so today we went out for a while.  I took her to the Glazed Bisque downtown.  We had a wonderful time, but I had forgotten how expensive it is.  I would have walked out but I had already told Lexi the plan.  Lexi painted a plate not by choice, but by coaxing.  I really wanted her to have something that didn't just take up shelf space.   
She did a wonderful job and it turned out beautiful. 

Then we went to lunch and over lunch I asked her if she wanted to get her ears pierced.  She said yes!  This is a huge thing because every time we ask her she will say, "Nope! I am not going to do it."   I was quite shocked and went immediately before she changed her mind. 

I told her it wouldn't hurt to bad, and thought she would do great.  She does awesome with shots so this should be fine right?  She silently cried after it was over so bad that she was shaking.  I felt horrible!  She said it hurt worse than shots, but was really glad that she did it. 

I love our mommy daughter dates!

Well this week is almost over!  I thought it would never end. 
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  1. Ugh, I hope you don't have any more gallstones! I had them in high school and had to have my gallbladder removed... they were worse than labor! :( And Lexi's ears look so cute!

  2. Thanks so much Lauren! It is not fun at all. Every night I wonder if I will have them again. I have been praying for you and Brooklyn. Happy 8 months to her :)