Friday, October 15, 2010

Art Work

In every effort to be a good mom I have decided to take pictures of the kids art work.  Most Sunday's sad but true the papers go into the trash after we get home.   If we kept all of their papers we would be swimming in them. =)  So now I don't have to feel bad about throwing things away when it comes time because we will have the best ones recorded on camera.

Whenever the kids find their papers in the trash they get really upset with Mark.  They know he is the culprit.  Lexi used to check the trash everyday to see if her papers were thrown was quite funny!  We have found neat ways of hiding the papers in the trash now. 

Garrett is learning about Christopher Columbus in school.  He has come home everyday telling me everything he learned.  It catches him off guard when I add to something he is telling me.  He just looks at me puzzled and says, "how do you know that?"  I guess they don't realized we actually went to school too!!  Too funny!!
In the picture on the right he just had to pose like Columbus.

Lexi colors all the time and puts all her work on the fridge. 

Yesterday in art class they were rolling very wet paint around the paper making neat designs.  She had traced leaves on the paper and then colored them in brighter colors on top of the neat designs. 

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  1. Savannah also gets upset at those sunday school papers being thrown away. Sigh.