Friday, September 10, 2010

A Day in Our Life

Yesterday was one of those days that starts out wonderfully slow, and turns into a chaotic mess then turns wonderfully slow again.  It would have been just great if I would have planned out my morning a little better.
I was enjoying my morning so much taking things really slow and all the sudden it hit me I had tons to do by 4:30.  I had a meal to prepare for a family, go help a friend paint, errands to run, art class to set up for Lexi, piano to teach Garrett, dinner to make for my family, pick up the kids from school, feed Breanna and on and on.   No matter how busy we become we never fail to get everything done at least by some point.  It might be the next day, but it gets done :) I did have to call my friend and cancel our painting project though.

Mr. Smith gave Garrett this old work hat.  Garrett loves pretending he is a star wars character with this and his trusty baseball bat.  I don't know why he doesn't use one of his 5 light sabers :)

The last few days have been some of the most beautiful days of the year.  I have enjoyed raising all the windows in the mornings to let all the crisp air in.  I am such a hot natured person that I love a little bit of cold. 

Garrett and Lexi have become such good friends.  I love it!!!  They still fight and disagree on a lot of stuff, but they seem to really like each other...and not because they have too!

I was so thankful that Breanna sat in her gym thing for a while so I could get some things done.  She usually last about 5 this was a great blessing.

Lexi started art classes with my mom, her Oma yesterday. My mom is an artist so I asked her if she wouldn't mind coming over every Thursday for art class.  It was such a hit.  Lexi loved every minute of it.  They spent a whole hour reviewing shapes and reading through the book "Harold and the Purple Marker."  Lexi got to create a drawing with her own purple marker and it turned out great. 

I want to develop her interests just in case that may be how the Lord uses her in the future.  But my deepest desire is not to make them do something I want them to do, but to do only what the Lord has planned for their lives. 

While I was making dinner for a family Breanna was making the funniest faces.  I wasn't able to capture them all, but this one was pretty funny. 

Have you ever had a recipe that you absolutely loved, but couldn't find.  Well I love my moms chicken enchilada casserole, but couldn't find the recipe so I looked it up online and found a different version.  So I tried it, but it wasn't just for us.  I was making a meal for a family in the church.  I know you might be thinking mistake...never make a new recipe to try on someone else.  Well those were my thoughts as I sat down and ate the one that I made for our family.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good.  Note to self...never make something for someone else you haven't tried first :)

Last night Mark and Isaiah were headed to a Bible study after dinner so we fit in a quick game of Bananagrams before they left.  Mark is wonderful at fitting in quality time even in the midst of chaotic weeks.
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  1. Bananagrams is so fun. We played for the first time about a month ago with some of Josh's family