Friday, September 24, 2010

One Day

 Happy Friday.  I have mixed feelings about it being Friday.  I did not get to everything that needed to be done this week so I could really use an extra day. 

 My two handsome men.  Garrett is growing up into a very sweet and godly boy.  The other day he came to me wanting to read me a verse that he said was his favorite in the whole Bible.  It was Psalms 3.  It was neat to see the Lord working in his life in this way.  We had parent teacher conference this week with Garrett's teacher, and she said he is doing excellent.  He has taken two tests so far and made 100 on one, and 105 on the other.  He seems to love school and learning.  I am so glad because that was never a strength of mine.
 Here is my beautiful girl.  She is also growing and seeking the Lord more.  She is often singing Bible/praise songs around the house.  She is very willing to help me when I am cooking and sometimes cleaning...well except her room.
 This picture is a little deceiving because Lexi was very upset that Garrett was touching her.  She kept on pushing him off until I stepped in and told them to sit nicely so I could get a picture.
 Every time we get a nice picture the kids always have to get a silly picture too.  Garrett stepped into his Bibleman world.  Right now every bit of play time is taken up by Bibleman. 

 Mark's Grandma G.G. got this cute little outfit for Breanna.   This was rare form for Breanna this week.  She has had a rough week.  Poor thing has been crying more than usual and has stopped sleeping through the night. We figured out that she wasn't getting enough to eat so we have started supplementing formula.  Since we started she seems to be a little happier, but still is not sleeping through the night.  This has been a hard switch for me going for 12 hours to every 3-4 hours again.  We go to the Dr. next week so I will see if there is any advice he has.

When we get in the car she starts crying immediately.  We have found the only thing to keep her from crying is to turn on Casting Crowns "One Day" song.  Almost every time she will stop crying and just listen, but it only works with this song.  We all have the song memorized now :)  I love the remake of this hymn. 

One day He's coming, oh glorious day!!!  I love the hope that we have through Christ.  My life would be nothing and totally incomplete without Christ.  Even when we have sleepless nights I can wake up in the morning rejoicing in my Lord!  Even in the midst of trial and difficult beyond our control we can rejoice knowing Christ is our victory!  Praise the Lord for His abundant blessings to us through Christ.
 On Thursday Lexi had art class with Oma.  This week she learned how to make eyes, and salt water coloring.  She painted a seascape and put sea salt on top.  After it dried it had the neatest bubbles on the picture.  She also drew a picture of a tropical fish to put on the seascape.  She is doing an excellent job.  I am so excited that Oma and Lexi get to share this time together. 
 Here is her seascape with the salt rocks on top.
And here they are shaking the sea salt off.  I will show the completed project next week.

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