Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My One Desire

My one desire is to glorify God with my life.   I want my children to grow up learning to make God number one in their lives.  I want my family to see the power of God at work in and through us.  I have set up this blog to be a reminder of what the Lord is doing and has done. 

If you know me well you know that I have a horrible memory!  I forget everything from little things to huge events. With this blog I want to share my journey as a Pastor's wife, mom, and daughter of the King.  I want to put into words and pictures what the Lord is doing so I can look back and remember! 

Being a Pastor's wife is filled with adventure, but even more so being married to my husband :)  My husband and I compliment each other so much...meaning we are different in a lot of ways.  I can think of one instant that happened the other day that points out our differences.  I am all about adventure and he is all about safety.  I went into Kroger to pick up a couple items while the family sat in the car.  Mark was driving around the parking lot waiting for me to come out.  While he was waiting he saw a fight getting ready to erupt outside the store.  He tried calling my cell phone to explain the situation so I wouldn't walk out during the fight.  I forgot my cell phone which was in the car with him making him even more frantic.  He was panicking as I came out of the store and headed over to where the fight was.  I realized what was going on and wanted to find out all the details.  So I am sitting there listening hoping Mark wouldn't pull up so I could get the scoop.  Mark is trying so hard to come pick me up that he almost ran right into a cop that had come to the scene.  As the cops are yelling at these people to leave and the people fighting are telling them they will not leave...Mark frantically picks me up.  Mark is explaining everything and all I could say was that I wish he waited a little while longer so I could see what happened.  His expression was priceless and made me laugh.  Sometimes we are SO different, but it makes life so fun and interesting.

My husband is serving as discipleship and evangelism Pastor at a church in Virginia.  We are so blessed to have served here for 4 1/2 years.   I grew up a Pastor's daughter and now enjoy being the wife of a Pastor.  We have three wonderful children and I love being a mom...well most days :)  There is no greater joy in life than doing what God wants.  Even in the trials of ministry and life I wouldn't trade it for anything! 


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