Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Birthday Celebrations

This weekend we celebrated both Garrett and Lexi's birthday by having their best friend over for a sleepover.  They had a wonderful time.  I couldn't have been more thrilled when I walked in the living room and saw Garrett and his buddy having their devotions together.  I am so excited that they have such a love for the Lord.

The time was full of Bibleman, Bibleman, and more Bibleman. :)  They also played games, had pillow fights, played basketball, and did I mention played Bibleman/watched Bibleman!!!

 Here they were fighting the evil villains!
Here Bibleman characters are playing basketball. 
 After their friends left we took them on a birthday adventure to Safari Park.  We had not been to Safari Park since Garrett was 1.  It was great, but Garrett would not come out of the backseat.  He thought all the animals were going to bite him.  Lexi would only feed the white llamas but nothing else. 
 We bought way too much feed for the amount of animals we fed.  We ended up giving 2 buckets to another couple that was entering the Park.  It was so funny listening to Mark as we first entered the Park.  As the animals started coming to the car he was so worried we would get the car completely messed up.  I don't think he enjoyed it as much as he could have. :)

 My favorite animal is the Zebra.  These were beautiful! They said no touching or feeding the zebras because they would bite.  I really wanted to reach out and pet this next one.  From the backseat Garrett says my favorite animal is a dog...I thought how practical :)

This was the most daring thing Garrett did all day.  I had to convince him to stand by the Tiger to get this picture.  He just would not do finally I said be brave like Bibleman.  That is all it took and he moved right over.  :)

 Lexi was able to pet a small dragon lizard...Garrett had nothing to do with it.  I had to make him get this next picture.  He is very daring in some areas, but not when it comes to animals.  Lexi said this lizard was porky, but she meant prickly.

Breanna had her first tearless bath last night.  She seems to be getting better!! Yay!!  We will see if she is pulling out of this phase. 

Last night I rolled Lexi's hair with curlers that she slept in so her hair would be curly for church.  When she woke up I took the curlers out and her hair was super curly and beautiful.  She was so excited about her hair and this new dress (that I got at goodwill for $2.00).  She looked at me and said when people at church see me they are going to say "Lexi you look as pretty as the sky."  I thought it was so funny, but it was also a good lesson time for us.  I gently told her not to look for compliments, but when people do say nice things to us we should always say thank you.  This is something she is continually learning. Mamaw bought this beautiful dress for Breanna. I love all the tulle!

Side note for memory sake:  The other day Garrett came home saying there was a new girl in his class that doesn't speak English and he can't understand what she says because she's from the Philippines.  He said she just goes "blah blah blah."  It was hilarious the way he was explaining it.  Well then he said she doesn't talk like us she has been infected by the other country's language :)  Then to top it all of he looked at her and said I don't know what you are saying then looked at another friend and asked him if he knew...he didn't either.  So Garrett said lets go ask H----- because she is from Africa so she will know what she is saying.   H----- was a M.K. to Africa for a very short time, but he thought she would know Filipino. :)  It can be so funny the way kids think through things.

I am so thankful for our church!  We had a wonderful day in the Lord's house. We saw 11 people baptized today.  I have never seen so many baptized at one time in my whole life.  God is doing an amazing work at our church.  And the funnest and awesomest part of all is that we get to see and be apart of what HE is doing.  Pastor brought an awesome message on faith...which I greatly needed.  There are some things I am praying for that definitely need the power of God.  My faith is so weak, but God is so powerful.  I know He would say to me, "Oh you of little faith."  Lord please help increase my faith!
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  1. I love the pictures! (Especially Bibleman :) Thanks again for an awesome time for the kids!!!