Saturday, September 11, 2010

From Smiles to Crying to Bed...Oh Yeah!

Yesterday was Mark's day off and he wanted it to be as relaxing as possible since the last week has been so crazy.  So we just had a lazy day around the house getting small things done. 

Breanna is a very happy girl when she wakes up...

she smiles, now giggles, and sits nicely...

but after her happy spell it turns to this off and on for the rest of the day.

Garrett and Lexi love playing with our neighbors.  They don't get to play together that often since both families are on the run a lot!  But yesterday we let them play for 2 hours after they got home from school.

Their children are the same ages as Garrett and Lexi, and they all play wonderfully together. 

Bubbles and Buddy are our newest additions to the family.  We got our new puppies the first day of school.  We weren't going to get two, but the breeder said since these guys were older she would give would let us have both for almost half the price of one.  She just needed to get rid of them.  The kids really wanted a dog for their birthdays so we agreed.  They have been the best dogs.  I really wanted to name them Skeeter and Skooter, but Lexi had to name her dog Bubbles :)

Tonight was Pizza and Game night.  I made homemade pizza and we played Settlers.  Garrett does not like pizza so I was shocked when he said that we should never buy restaurant pizza again because he loved homemade so much.  I told him I wish I felt the same way because I love restaurant pizza.  It is one of my favorites, but Garrett will not eat it. 
Lexi is our little goof ball.  She was so hilarious last night playing the game.  She tries to be funny about everything.
Garrett is our old man.  In the middle of the game around 9:00pm he said he wanted to quit so he could go to sleep because he was soooo sleepy.  After he went to bed he was out in 2 minutes.  He does have a little bit of boy in him, but the rest is man.  He grew up on me too fast and he will be only 7 on Monday.

I know this is a little gross, but we have a slug that visits often right outside our front door.  Last night he was out so I decided to take a picture for our memory :)
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  1. I love that you're blogging regularly, Valerie! It's nice to keep up with you a little better! The stuff about Garrett being an old man just cracked me up too, I wonder where he gets that from hmmmm, haha. Can't believe he'll be 7!