Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dog attacks and birthday celebrations

Today was a very eventful day for us.  We decided to get up and head out to hit a few yard sales. We didn't find many good ones today, and once it started raining we headed back home.  Our neighbors were having a yard sale so I headed over to there house while the kids played in the yard with our neighbors children.  I was able to find some great clothes for Breanna and when finished headed in the house to put them in the washing machine.  All of the sudden Mark comes up and says our neighbors dog is out!  Quick explanation:  Our opposite neighbors have 3 HUGE boxers that come out and snarl at us through the fence.  It has become a big topic of conversation about what to do if the dogs got loose and came after one of us...
Well today that happened.  After Mark ran through the house he headed outside to let our yard sale neighbors know to get the kids inside because the dog was loose.  She ran the kids in the house while the dog ran up through the yard sale snarling at her and her mother.  Then the dog headed over to the other side of our house while Mark went to tell the dog's owner that the dog was out.  When he knocked on the door the dog came out from beside the house and started after Mark.  Mark started clapping his hands loudly at the dog yelling for it to back off, but the dog would not let up at all.  I ran outside and asked if I needed to get the gun.  He didn't hear me so I ran in to find something to attack the dog with.  I couldn't find anything but a golf club?!?!  So I headed outside to try to do something...I am not sure what, but I couldn't just stand there.  Finally the dog's owner came out and called the dog off.  Mark got away unharmed, but pretty shook up.  During the whole process our neighbors having the yard sale called animal control.  I am glad they did only because if it were one of the children we would have been in the emergency room today I am sure of it.  Praise the Lord for His hand of protection. 

On another note :)  Breanna can now sit in her bumbo...a little lopsided but it still works.

Today we were preparing for a birthday party for a great friend of ours.  We had some of our closest friends over for fellowship, and to celebrate our friend's birthday.  We had a wonderful time. 
Our dear friend is one of the most godly, giving, and prayerful individuals. I thank God for his influence in our family.

The kids sat down and played a game of bananagrams. 

Lexi had to draw everyone a place mat for the dinner.  These were a couple of my favorites.

God has blessed us with so many wonderful friends and such an awesome church family.  We are so thankful for the body of Christ!!!
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