Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crazy Crazy Crazy

We have some crazy people in our house this week. :)  But I am in love with craziness.

 Garrett and Lexi are both in Sparks this year and seem to love it.  Now that Garrett is reading I no longer have to help him learn his verse.  He memorizes it and comes to me to check it...wow what a difference.  He is so good at memorizing.  Lexi is also good at memorizing, but forgets to say her verses when she gets to Sparks because she is playing.  We are hoping to have this fixed by this coming week. :) 

Mamaw was a nail tech before they moved here so she paints Lexi's nails often.  Last night we got together with Mamaw and had chili and burritos...it was so yummy! 

Do you notice a lot of craziness going on here with a certain little girl?  She was ornery last night.  Here she was aggravating Uncle B. 
Lexi isn't the only one crazy today.  I decided to try cloth diapers for the first time.  There is a girl in our church who uses them on her little one so I was intrigued.  She is letting me borrow some to see if I like it enough to purchase my own.  I know it will save money, but we will see if convenience wins.  So far they are working well.  It isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  They have come such a long way since I was a girl, but then again so have a lot of things. ;) 
I loved this picture of the three of them.  I thought it turned out wonderful. 

 Garrett and Lexi could hardly finish their dinner so they could play Papaw's new Wii.  They had so much fun!  Lexi did pretty well and beat Garrett in some games. 

 Today was picture day at school.  We don't ever buy the school packages so Mark took a few pictures before school this morning.

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  1. Let me know how the cloth diapers turn out. I've been toying with the idea myself, but just not sure i'm up for it! :)

  2. Your kiddos make me smile :) Have a good evening!