About Me

I am a Pastors wife married to an awesome servant of God.  I started the "Blogging Pastors Wife"  many years ago to share our hearts and lives with people.  The funny thing about my blog title is that I don't even like to be called, "the Pastors Wife."  I honestly just want to be known as a servant of the Lord.  I don't find any fulfillment in the title, but great fulfillment (joy, pleasure, hope, EVERYTHING) in our God!

I trusted in Christ as Savior when I was 6 years old and at that time others saw great fruit in my life as a believer.  I honestly loved the Lord but didn't completely follow Him as Lord until my 4th year of college.  At that time, God brought me to a place of complete surrender.   Since then it has been my desire to serve Him with every part of my life.

My greatest joys in life are:

  • God and serving Him with my life
  • my family
  • serving in ministry with my husband
  • praying and seeing God work
  • sending people to the mission field, giving towards missions, and going on missions trips
  • discipling ladies in their walk with Christ
  • providing helpful tools for our Christian walk
  • watching God do impossible things

You may notice that I monetize my blog.  I just want to share with you that this monetization is not for personal gain.  I use it as a faith promise way to send money to missions. Specifically I love providing Bibles to those who have none, helping people spread the Gospel, helping churches and schools, digging wells that give clean water and spread news of the Living water.    If you happen to see an ad that you might not love, please know that I am working on that.  It does take a while to weed out certain ads.  Thank you so much for your patience with me in that way!

I would love to hear from you.  If you have a testimony or praise report I would love to share it with my readers.   From time to time I will invite a guest blogger to blog for me so feel free to contact me to see how I go about posting things like that.

Also, if you have any prayer requests or concerns I would love to pray with you about such things.   I will respond as quick as possible to any emails that I receive.

My email address is thebloggingpastorswife@gmail.com