Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mark's Missions Trip Travel Log - April 29th

Today we received a report that a pastor shared the following from the pastor's conference: "I've discovered a different God!...A big God- one who can transform my life!" Our prayer now is that the fire that has been lit in these pastor's hearts will transfer to their people by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit and then on to a dark Zambia for the glory of God! The Gospel changes everything!

A Leader's Attitude

Zambia's "Moses," Leonard, was sitting at my table tonight for dinner and in just a few moments I witnessed a leadership principle in action that was life-changing. We were talking about how Leonard was probably exhausted from all that he has had to lead and organize this week and I said, "I bet you are going to sleep good tonight." Then Leonard said, "You know, I go to bed at night and go to sleep, and then the alarm clock goes off. I wake up and say to myself, "Wow, it's already time to get up? Well let's get's a new day! I have a duty to do!" That's just one of the many differences between a leader and an average guy. The average person wakes up and says, "Oh no...I don't want to get up." But a leader who has vision and the Spirit of God says, "Oh, my opportunity clock is going off...let's get up and change the world." Tony Evans said one time, "When a man of God gets out of bed, the devil says, 'O no!...He's up." This week I also watched Ardy, who is 72 years old, run around with the energy of someone half his age at times. I made a comment about that to him and Ardy replied, "Well, I've only got one life to live and it will soon be past and all that is done will last." Whatever we do will last one way or another....everyone lives forever whether eternally with Jesus and the results of the Judgment Seat of Christ or eternally separated from Jesus and His life with the consequences of the Great White Throne Judgment. Every moment matters and Jesus wants to redeem the moments if we will but yield ourselves to Him in joyful surrender. Someone once said, "Attitude is the little thing that makes the BIG difference. Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent of how you respond to it." Thank God for servant leaders and brothers and sisters in Christ who wake up in the morning with an attitude of gratitude. 

Luanshya - City of Death

Talking to a missionary today I found out that the town we are primarily ministering in, Luanshya, means, "City of Death." There is a lot of witchcraft in the area, and I pray that the Good News of Jesus has brought Life and Light in a God of the Impossible way! I believe God has already answered my prayer :) 


Today, American Encounter team had a training day with the Zambian team.  After the sessions, they said goodbye to the Zambian Encounter team.  Right now, the missions team is headed on a 10-hour bus ride to Livingston.  

Please pray for safety and that this will be a much needed restful weekend before they journey home.  


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