Saturday, May 2, 2015

Holding Down The Fort

Many of you have asked how the kids and I are doing with Mark away on the missions trip to Africa. We are doing very well.  The schedule has been full which makes the time go by faster.  The last few days we have kept ourselves busy with Lexie getting her hair cut, hiking, Garrett's science fair project, talent show, fundraisers,  and preparing for an upcoming missions trip that I will be 1 1/2 weeks!

Lexie has been wanting to donate her hair to "Locks of Love" for some time now.  This week we decided it was the perfect time.  The day leading up to the haircut she was a nervous wreck.  She wanted to cut it but had no idea what to expect.  I cut all the hair in our family so this was her first visit to a hair salon.

Before and After. 

She was able to donate 12 inches of hair.  It wasn't until this point in the hair cut that I found out her hair would be dyed before they put it in a wig.  This might have broken the unwritten contract for me. I really thought a sweet little girl would get a wig with beautiful red hair.  

This is after I played with it a bit.  It was so funny because Lexie thought since she got her hair cut she no longer needed to do her hair.  I said it didn't work that way.  We still have to wake up and do our hair even if it is just to brush it.  

Hiking on the AT

Science fair project was this week.   Garrett chose a great topic (with help because he would have chosen the same thing he did last year...blowing something up...or mixing things together to get a reaction...).  This year he did his project on healing oils...what every boy wants to do.  Hehe!  He told his teacher his title before confirming with his parents, it was "No Need For Doctors".  We let him know that, even though, his hypothesis was correct and that oils really work we still need good Doctors.   

To our great surprise, he won first place in his division.  We loved being his guinea pigs, and I am secretly thrilled that there is now proof to what I have been saying about oils really working.   

So as you can see, we are holding down the fort and the kids have a lot to share with their daddy when he returns.  We hope everyone has a great weekend.

Much love,

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