Saturday, April 25, 2015

Zambia Missions Trip Day Six

On Monday after the team left I never imagined that God would continue to use us in great ways except through our praying for the team.  God has overwhelmingly used us through both giving and praying.  We have been flooding your inbox and Facebook with fundraising and I hope it hasn't been overwhelming.  In case you have missed our God story, let me share it quickly.

On Thursday, Mark called and asked us to raise $1,200 to purchase study Bible's for the native Pastors.  We immediately started asking God to bring in the money while asking believers to give toward the spreading of God's word.  $1,200 came in within 4 hours.  

On Friday, Mark called again saying that it would be great if we could get Bibles for every Pastor that will be attending the conference on Monday.  He filled me in on how much the Bibles cost which was $40 a piece.  Again, we asked for more money for the purchase of even more Bibles.  Let me tell you, for me, it isn't easy to ask for so much money, but when God prompts we have to obey.   Five hours after the first phone call I received texts saying that God provided in a great way, the Bibles are now discounted.  They are able to purchase these Bibles for over half the amount we originally thought which brought the total down considerably.  Through you and the team in Africa within 24 hours God raised $3,300.  The goal is $4,500 in which we have $1,200 left! God is and has shown His goodness to us in an amazing way!  Please pray with us that we will reach our goal by Monday morning.

Mark said that this study Bible would be like the equivalent of Bible training for them.  Pastors preach out of gift Bibles and it is unheard of for a Pastors to have a study Bible.   This is such a great opportunity because it will transform the way these men preach...AND we get to be a part of that! How exciting. 

Mark also sent a couple of pictures and an update!  

Yesterday, the team was able to give away hundreds of shoes to kids who had none.  They ran out of shoes and Mark said it was pititful that they had to turn kids away.   They saw many kids with swollen stomachs and ragged clothes.  There is no running water in many villages.  

They bought a chalkboard for the local Christian school and were able to preach the Gospel to 200 school children today while teaching them about basic health.  They were also able to preach the Gospel in a village to about 125 people.  I think that may be the following pictures.  

In one village, there are women who take care of 40 orphans because the parents have died due to HIV.   The kids eat mud cakes and cow manure and they don't know any better.  

This is the Zambian Revival Team.  Oh, how I wish we could hear them sing.  I bet it is AMAZING! 

Prayer Requests:  

  • Pray as the team goes to the Encounter Revival Ministry farm.  They have a farm set up in a village that helps feed the people all year round.  They will be working at the farm today.  Pray that God will produce much fruit from this farm and from their visit.  
  • Pray as they have Children's ministry opportunities today and that God will work in a mighty way through this time together. 
  • Pray as they head to a medical clinic and local school.
  • Pray as they visit the well project that we were also able to help dig.  Pray that this community will not just receive water, but the Living Water!!  We are asking God to do a work as a result of this well.

Much love,


  1. Valerie,
    Thank you so very much for keeping us updated through your blog. Our prayers are with Mark, Jim, Ardy, and the team, as well as the people of Zambia. I wanted to let you know I have been praying for you, the kids and Renee and her family as your husbands and fathers are away at this time. I love you! You are such an inspiration to me!

    1. Thank you so much, Renee! It is so encouraging to have so much prayer support. I will let Renee know of your prayers. I love you too and miss you! I hope you all are having a great weekend!!!