Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekly Prayer Blessings

This week has gone down as one of the most memorable weeks in my life.  I hope to never forget what God has done.  

After Mark had left God had given me a very powerful verse to pray for him and for a couple other people.  It is Psalm 20:4-5,

 "May He grant you your heart’s desire
And fulfill all your counsel!

We will sing for joy over your victory,

And in the name of our God we will set up our banners.
May the Lord fulfill all your petitions."

We are raising up banners and waiting in expectancy!

Prayer Blessings:

  • This week God brought in all the money needed for the Zambian Pastors to receive a study Bible.  Over $4,500 in less than 48 hours through Facebook!
  • This week God has taken our story of Zambian Missions Trip public to 48 countries.  The neatest thing is that we have been able to be missionaries without leaving our county.  
  • This week we have seen little ones (1st graders) really get to the heart of God through prayer.  The prayers they have been praying are way beyond their years.  I will be sharing those testimonies this weekend. 
  • This week God has conquered doubt in an area of my life through prayer and the preaching of His word.  He is SO amazing to hear us and answer us in our deepest struggles.  
  • Last week we had been praying for our local Crisis Pregnancy banquet which was on Saturday.  God showed up in a great way.  The testimonies were powerful and God used them in a great way.  They didn't focus on numbers and what has happened this last year but  focused on what God is doing now and the hope of what He will do in the future.  Please continue to pray for Pregnancy Centers all around the world, that God will use them to bring light to the darkness!    
Let's raise up some banners this week, waiting in expectancy at what God will do.  You may just see banners around my blog as we do some banner raising to the Lord! 


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