Friday, April 24, 2015

Urgent Request Update

Hi everyone,

UPDATE 4/25:  We have raised all the money needed for the Bibles.  Thank you so much for your giving! 

Update:  God has been so good at every single turn.  We received more great news from Zambia this evening.  The team was able to find Bible's for $18 instead of $40 per Bible.  Out of the $4500 to reach this goal we have already met $3,200.   We just need a little over $1,200.  We are so amazed at what God can do.  He has taken the total from $9,600 to $1,200 through giving and discount!  Praise the Lord!  
Our hearts are overwhelmed at what God has done through your giving.  I was able to talk with Mark 20 minutes ago and He said that we were able to raise money for 60 Bibles with the money that you gave.  We have had several people ask if they too could give so we want to open it back up so that more of you could give if God lead in that way.
There will be over 250 -300 Pastors at this conference and as of right now we have raise 60 Bibles.  We would need $9,600 for each Pastor to have a Bible.   The cost is $40 per Bible. 

This is the Bible that will be purchased for the Pastors.

KJV Life Application Bible, personal size, softcover  -

 This will help them study more accurately.  If you missed our last post you can go here to learn more about this Bible drive. 

If we got 9,000 people to give just $1 we would almost have the full amount!  Please share with everyone you know so that we can spread the Gospel to all of Zambia!!!

Thank you so much,

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