Thursday, April 23, 2015

Urgent Need For Zambian Pastors

Friends and Family,

Last and Final Update 4/25:  We have reached our goal.  God has provided abundantly through you and our hearts are overwhelmed with God's provision!  Thank you so much!!!

ANOTHER UPDATE :)  God has been so good at every single turn.  We received more great news from Zambia this evening.  The team was able to find Bible's for $18 instead of $40 per Bible.  Out of the $4500 to reach this goal we have already met $3,200.   We just need a little over $1,200.  We are so amazed at what God can do.  He has taken the total from $9,600 to $1,200 through giving and discount!  Praise the Lord!  

We just heard back from the team in Africa.  They are blown away with our response in sending $1,200.   The Bibles cost $40 a piece and we have raised enough for 60 Pastors.  Praise the Lord!  If more people would like to give towards the remaining 240 Pastors we have opened the link back up for you.  We would love to share this with as many people as possible to reach this goal.  Thank you so much for your generous support!!!   We will keep everyone updated with how much we are able to raise!  

UPDATE:   It took only 4 hours for God to bring in the $1,200 needed.  We have closed the Paypal link but would love for you to join us on this awesome journey.  Our Pastor, Mark and head Deacon Jim are in Zambia for a Pastors Conference.  Over 300 Pastors have signed up and more are signing up every day.   We will be posting updates each day as Mark and Jim send information.  Already, God is at work and we are waiting in GREAT expectation at what God will do in and through the lives of these men!  

Mark and Jim just got in contact with us this afternoon with a great need that the Zambian Pastors have.  They need study Bibles.  They have no Bibles other than regular Bibles that they receive when they become a Pastor.  Most of the Pastors have no training.  They don't know how to interpret the Bible nor do they know how to preach the Bible in context, and they don't have any study tools.  We would like to raise $1,200 to get these Zambian Pastors study Bibles.

We are asking fellow believers to prayerfully give just $1.00 so that hundreds of Zambian Pastors can have a study Bible that they can use as a tool to preach the whole counsel of God accurately.

Mark and Jim can purchase these Bible's in a Zambian shop all we have to do is send the money.   It is so awesome how God has already provided $205 in the last 1 1/2 hours.  We just need $995 more!   Below is the Bible they will be receiving.  To give $1 or any amount follow the link below or if you attend Mt. Carmel you can put money in an envelope marked Bibles for Zambian Pastors.

       KJV Life Application Bible, personal size, softcover  -


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of all that God is doing here in America and around the world. Just a note:  100% of your donation will go straight to purchase these Bibles.   Also, when you donate you will see Bringing Hope Jewelry.  That is a ministry account we have that raises money for world missions so don't be alarmed when you see Jewelry as the title.

Much love and appreciation,

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