Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Garrett

Happy Birthday to my favorite son in the world :)  Today you turn 7 and I could not be more proud of you!  You are such a blessing to our lives.  God has given us such a great gift in you. 

At 7 you... sports especially basketball, and baseball.  You have told us that you want to play for the Yankees when you grow up. Star Wars and Bible Man.  You are constantly going around the house with a sword fighting your enemies. the Lord.  You always remind us that you love the Lord more than anything else. You also have a great desire to grow in His Word.  You were baptized this year by your dad and it was such a special occasion. school and are a very good student.  You can read almost anything and enjoying reading about Star Wars, sports, and the Bible. 
...get along great with your sister and seem like great friends...well most days.
...have a best friend Jacob who you love to play Star Wars with.
...have grown up way too fast and sometimes act like an adult.   

Good morning Garrett! 

I made him his favorite breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. 

  He was not happy about going to school today until he realized his teacher would probably celebrate his birthday.  His first year of K4 we decided to wait and celebrate his birthday on the weekend so we didn't tell him it was his birthday because we were having a big party in a few days.  Well later I realized what a horrible mistake we made and how we were the worst parents on the WHOLE planet.  He came home and said hey mom and dad did you know today was my birthday?  My teacher gave me the birthday hat and stickers.  Boy did we feel horrible.

After school Garrett's favorite buddies came over.

Here Sammy's mouth was full of candy...he makes me laugh!

We celebrated with some cupcakes.  And then after his friends left we surprised Garrett and went to Chuck E Cheese.  We told Lexi not to tell him...she started screaming because she was excited...then she said Garrett guess where we are starts with a chu chu chu.  Needless to say it only took 2 seconds until he found out where we were going.  Word to the wise:  Never tell a very excited 4 year old girl a secret.  She takes after her dad :)  Just Kidding. When I was her age I told my dad what his Christmas presents were.

We had a wonderful time at Chuck E Cheese.  We ended the evening with a one on one basketball game between Garrett and mom.  I won't say who won, but I played pretty good :)

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  1. You are such a great mommy... I love these pictures :) (And this family!!)