Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun Filled Day

Our days are so up and down I feel like we are on a roller coaster at times.  The good thing is that I love roller coasters.  Our roller coaster's name is Breanna Lynn.  Today was another day of in and out crying/giggling.  It never fails when we want her to be quiet she is screaming, but when it is okay to be loud she is quiet :)

I got the cutest dress from a girl at church for Breanna, and found out Lexi can wear it as a summer top.  The top she is wearing in these pictures is actually an 18 month top.  Who would have known?!?

My sister came in town this weekend and came by to spend some time with us.  It is so fun to have her here, but she doesn't get to come in often enough.  The kids love it when she comes to see us.

Here Breanna looks just like me when I was a baby.  We have a lot of people say she looks just like Garrett or Lexi, but to me she favors my side of the family more than the other two.

Today was Lexi's art class with Oma.  They learned the primary and secondary colors by making a color wheel.  She also did a little water coloring.  I was surprised at how well she is doing. 

This is her first watercolor.  Lulu I am so proud of you!!

Then my sister showed the kids how to rub crayons over leaves and it turned into a neat table cloth.  It would make a great Thanksgiving table cloth with red, orange, and brown.  We might try it this year.

This was a really good moment of the day playing with her Aunt and Oma.

Then tonight our Aunt and Uncle came over to celebrate Garrett and Lexi's birthday.  We all went to dinner in a very noisy car.  Breanna cried and cried all the way there.  Praise the Lord she fell asleep during dinner so we did get a peaceful meal in.  We always have such a wonderful time with our family!  We can't thank the Lord enough for His wonderful blessing to us.  

Tonight Garrett was able to get Breanna laughing.  He thought it was so silly.  He usually doesn't pay much attention to Breanna.  He has lots of other stuff going on in his world, but tonight he was paying her attention and it was cute to see them react to one another. 

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