What Kind Of Princess Am I Raising?

A couple weeks ago I was asked by another blogger to share an article about raising girls.  Honestly,  I don't think I have ever written a post or even taught on raising girls before, even though I share stories of my girls often in Bible study.   After praying about what I should write God impressed Psalm 45:13 on my heart.

As I was studying Psalm 45:13, the whole section between verses 6-17 stood out to me in a new light as a mom of girls.  As daughters of the King, we are truly princesses, not the princesses we have grown up watching on television, but a beautiful radiant daughter of the True King!  

Today, I am sharing 6 things that will help us parent our daughters of the King on Kaylene Yoder's website, with an article entitled "What Kind Of Princess Am I Raising?"

I pray that these verses will help you as they are helping me parent my girls.  
Much love,



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