Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Second Grade Field Trip...

...with pictures from a second graders perspective.   Garrett went on a field trip last week to a cavern.  I wasn't able to go due to some other plans I had made so I sent Garrett with a camera that he could use.  This was pretty brave seeing how he really doesn't know how to use a camera.  I didn't know what to expect finding on the camera when he returned.

He took 63 pictures altogether.  Most of the pictures taken were of the floor or a finger in front of the lens.  He did get a couple of pictures that were okay.  It was fun looking through the pictures seeing things from his eyes.

This was not the bus the kids rode on.  I asked Garrett why he took this picture and he said, "I just wanted too."

This is one of Garrett's good buddies and the best picture he took of the whole trip. :)

All the other pictures are either a little blurry or off centered.

I think they all had a wonderful time!!  He is growing up SO fast and becoming so independent.

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